Square Dance at Palms Promenade by Cutler, Esme, Flactem, Gutierrez, Mendelewicz, Neumann and Poor


Square Dance at Palms Promenade is a collection of comics and neighborhood novelties set in the town of Palms Promenade published by Desert Island. The book contains seven short stories by the artists of the comics collective Spider's Pee Paw and incorporates a wide array of techniques including drawing, painting, video processing, collage, sewing, photography, and 3D computer modeling. The narrative content ranges from the tales of a lonesome garbage collector to a journey through Doll Dump Island. Square Dance at Palms Promenade is 64 pages full color and was created entirely through collaborations between Char Esme, Lauren Poor, Ben Mendelewicz, Matthew Cutler, John Gutierrez, Esteban Neumann and Xela Flactem.

Special Announcement from The Township of Palms Promenade:

Can a square have 7 sides? The Pee Paw People of Spider’s Pee Paw have abandoned their hefty harvest and forged a new path through Palms Promenade to find out. They saw the bales and bales tumbling in for Spider’s Pee Paw and wanted to cash in on their crop, more! “Let’s see if we can copy them,” they said. “It looks easy to do,” they also said. So it was then that this bound beauty was created by the artists under harsh conditions and packaged by outsiders beyond city limits for you to enjoy. This four-ladies chain split and nearly half sashayed the whole family! Let's not run down that road again…

These 7 stories tell tales of lust, trauma, mystery, excess, delinquency, family and faith. So, with a bit of that faith, trust your partner and don’t dizzy your hat getting tossed about in the wrong way grand. Youre snug as can bug in the criss-crossing hands of Matt Cutler, Char Esme, Xela Flactem, John Gutierrez, Ben Mendelewicz, Esteban Neumann & Lauren Poor.

The 64 page full color comic book title: “Square Dance At Palms Promenade” released by Desert Island, is the proud recipient of over 23 awards including the Thank You Award, Dare to Soar Award, The Achievement Award, First Prize Award, One Award, Excellent Award, “I Am 2” Award, High-Five Award, First Place Award and the Fifth Place Award.

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